Find out the technologies behind a website (The easiest way)

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In this post, we are about to tell you the methods you can use to check the website technologies a website is built with. But why would you even want to know in the first place?

Why might you want to know about behind-the-scenes technologies?

Well, even for non-developers, there are many occasions when you might want to know a website's technologies. For example, when a web designer builds a website too well and you are inspired, you might wonder how they built it. You might at least wonder what technologies they are using.

How to find out the technologies a website is using easily

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Although there are several ways to look for the tech behind a website, we will tell you the easiest ways. There are two apps you can use. Wappalyzer and BuiltWith. Since they are both similar, I will show the next steps with Wappalyzer only. And there are two ways: installing the browser extension and checking their website.

1. The browser extension way

1. Go to for Wappalyzer and for BuiltWith.

2. Click the browser icon you are using and it will lead you to the appropriate browser's extension page.

screenshot of wappalyzer app page e1717579628948

3. Download the extension and install it by clicking the downloaded file.

4. After the installation, visit any website you want and click the extension icon in the top-right corner. You will see the technology of the website you have opened.

Checking technologies of DAB website e1717579768235


2. Checking directly at the website

1. Go to for Wappalyzer and for BuiltWith.

2. You will see an input box. Enter the website address you want to check and click "Lookup"

checking technologies DAB use on BuiltWith website

3. A full list of technologies that the website is using will be reported to you in detail.

list of DAB website technologies reported by

This is how you can inspect the technology of a website very easily. As you might understand, nothing is perfect, and the tools might not be able to detect some technology, especially the custom components built by a specific website company.