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We guarantee an increase in website traffic, performance and conversion within just one month.

Besides, we are not only proficient in SEO but also in website development and web hosting in Thailand. Therefore, we know how to optimize your website to make it fast and maximize conversions and sales.

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What is SEO (search engine optimization)?

SEO is a short form of search engine optimization. It is a set of technologies to make your website appear at the top of Google when people search with your target keywords.

Having a website is not enough to rank on Google. A series of improvements are required for a website to be optimized for search engines.

That is why a reliable SEO service company should also be proficient in website development.

SEO prices in Thailand

SEO costs and packages in Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai

Our SEO prices in Bangkok can be unique depending on the project, the number of keywords, and the strength of your competitors. The cost can range from ฿ 15,000 per month to ฿ 90,000 per month.

SEO prices in Thailand

SEO pricing in Thailand can also vary depending on location. A website targeting Bangkok could cost more than those targeting other cities such as Phuket, Chiang Mai, or Pattaya.

It also varies depending on the knowledge and experience of the SEO agency. The more experienced SEO company may charge more because they can see the bigger picture and add more value to their service.

Please contact us for a free consultation and a tailored SEO quote for your company.

Limited-time SEO offer (50% off)

Our normal SEO pricing starts at 20,000 baht per month but with this limited-time offer, you will get our SEO services for only 15,000 baht per month.

Furthermore, you will get all the services included in our SEO package, plus:

  • Free additional gift keywords
  • Free SEO for your Facebook page
  • Free SEO for your Google My Business page

limited time SEO offer from the best Bangkok SEO

Our SEO Service Process

SEO Process in Bangkok

Consulting for SEO Services

In this step, we will explain our SEO services in detail. We will discuss your business, your competitors, your targeted keywords and your goals. We will also perform keyword research to help you identify the most relevant keywords for your website.

SEO Planning

We will do keyword research in detail, analyze your website, analyze your competitors' websites, and provide initial reporting about your website's performance and ranking.

On-page Optimization

We will start on-page SEO optimizations on your website. This will basically improve your website's SEO scores and speed.

Off-page Optimization

Off-page SEO optimizations are works that are done outside of your website and others' websites. Since we do not own others' websites, this step takes a lot of time to achieve your goals.

Monitoring, Analyzing and Continuous Optimization

We continuously monitor your Google rankings, analyze website visitors and pages, and optimize for better conversion and search result page (SERP) performance.

Monthly Reports & After-sale Services

We combine all those findings from the previous step into an insightful report and send it to you at the start of every month. We answer any questions you might have.

Why are we the best SEO company in Thailand?

We take a data-centric approach to our SEO process, and here are some factors that make us confident in saying that we are the best SEO company in Thailand.

12+ Years of SEO Experience

You are in good hands!

Guaranteed First Page Ranking

Or work for free until it ranks.

95% Client Satisfaction Rate

We will never let you down!

20+ SEO Tools & Technologies

"A man is only as good as his tools"

Ranking improvements in 1 month

Other SEO companies take 90 days.

Affordable SEO service fee

Affordable price, guaranteed quality

Why you should do SEO in Thailand!

Did you know that you can sell to millions of Thai people through a website?

A Google search showed that 88.0% of Thailand's population in 2022 used the internet.

Thailand’s population

As of January 2024, Thailand's population was 71.853 million.

Active internet users

Thailand's internet users in January 2024 were 63.216 million.

It is much easier and more profitable to sell online than offline. But how will you make your website stand out and be discoverable without spending much? The key answer is doing SEO in Bangkok and Thailand.

Benefits of doing SEO in Thailand

Although there are a lot of SEO benefits in Thailand, they can be narrowed down to just three, and here they are.

Benefits of doing SEO in Thailand

Get More Clicks

SEO makes your website appear at the top of Google search results and thus you will get more clicks.

High-quality Leads

You will continuously get high-quality leads because more people will contact you or buy your services or products.

Unlimited Sales

Unlike other marketing techniques, you only need to pay once for SEO but you will get continuous sales.

In short, if you do SEO in Thailand, you will get an unlimited amount of sales without additional costs or efforts for digital marketing.

Imagine that whenever people search for your services or products, your website appears at the top. You will continuously get high-quality leads and, therefore, unlimited sales.

Since SEO is not paid advertising like Google Ads, you only need to pay once for our SEO services in Bangkok while continuously getting high-quality leads.

Contact us today, and let’s do the math together. We will estimate how many of those millions of Thai internet users can become your customers.

How to choose the best SEO company in Bangkok

There are many SEO companies in Bangkok claiming that they are the best SEO agency in Thailand. But have you ever wondered how you could verify them?

Here are some main factors to consider when choosing the best Bangkok SEO company:

1. Experience and Expertise

The experience of the SEO company is a quick and easy factor to check, but it is not that reliable because SEO in Bangkok is highly competitive and always evolving. If the SEO agency is old, their knowledge could be outdated, and if it is new, they might not have enough knowledge.

The only way to find out how knowledgeable an SEO agency is to check their website and talk a lot with them. If their website is not appearing at the top of Google, how could they bring your website there? And how can they be a reliable SEO company in Bangkok?

2. Previous clients' websites

Another quick factor is to check on their clients. Ask for their previous clients and find out how they are still doing on Google.

3. Authentic clients' testimonials

Checking their clients’ testimonials is another reliable factor, because it is hard to get good reviews even if the client is satisfied. So, every single review counts.

4. Not price (Your website could be penalized by Google)

Because pricing in general should be relative. Meaning that if one’s SEO service has more value and a higher return on investment (ROI), it is okay to pay a higher price.

Please keep in mind that Google penalizes websites that are using black-hat SEO techniques.

What are Google's penalties?

Therefore, if you concentrate too much on price, you might end up with a bad SEO company, and your website could be penalized by Google. If that happens, it is hard and takes time to recover from the punishment.

Image of target, dart and the word "SEO" representing how to choose the best SEO company in Bangkok

What is included in our SEO services?

Our SEO services are designed to help you make money! We do not just strive to make your website appear on Google; we fix your website's UX flaws and optimize for the best conversion and lead generation.

On-page Optimization

  • Website Analysis We will find code errors and SEO mistakes on your website
  • Website Speed Optimization We fix those errors and make your website faster
  • Content Quality Optimization Not only for search engines but also for humans
  • SEO Title & Meta Tag Optimization These are important for ranking and click-through rate (CTR)
  • URL Optimization Making your web page URLs SEO-friendly and easy to remember
  • Headings Optimization Headings keep visitors engaged with your content and helps for SEO
  • User Experience Optimization Make your website faster, cleaner and easier to navigate
  • Conversion Optimization This helps you get high-quality leads
  • Creating XML Sitemap So that search engines like Google know all the pages of your website
  • Robots.txt Optimization To tell search engines how to read your website
  • Internal Link Optimization This helps visitors read more of your pages, which is good for SEO
  • External Link Optimization Linking to relevant websites to help users, which is thus good for SEO
  • Image Optimization Writing description for each image so that search engines can understand them
  • Schema and Structured Data To help search engines understand your content well

Off-page Optimization

  • Keyword Research We will find the most suitable keywords to get high-quality leads
  • Competitors Analysis Stalking your competitors SEO efforts so that we can out-rank them
  • Google Search Console Integration This helps Google know about your website in a whole
  • Bing Web Master Integration And this helps Bing search engine know about your website
  • Google Analytics Integration To see how visitors are using your website and improve accordingly
  • Building High-quality Backlinks This increases search engines' trust on your website
  • Optimize for Local SEO Creating Google My Business and Facebook pages for you and improving them
  • Social Media Optimization To increase awareness and website traffic organically

Some SEO Tools & Technologies We Use

As the saying goes, "A man is only as good as his tools", we also use several SEO tools and technologies to increase the productivity and efficiency of our SEO services in Thailand.

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Bing Web Master Tools
  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Trends
  • Screaming Frog
  • SEOquake
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Ecommerce SEO
  • Link Building
  • Content Marketing
  • Image SEO
  • And Much More

More of Our Services: Apart from Bangkok SEO

  • Facebook Marketing Service We laid out a unique marketing strategy for each company to grab as many leads as possible.
  • Mobile App Development Service We create appealing and high-performance mobile apps for both iOS and Android using the latest technologies.
  • Web Hosting in Thailand We are a reliable hosting provider in Bangkok. You can buy a range of hosting, from shared hosting to dedicated servers, from us.
  • Email hosting in Thailand Using emails with your custom domain (i.e., increases awareness and business impressions.
  • Web Design Service With our proven working system and QA processes, we can ensure the best-performing website for your business.
  • Logo Design Service Get your premium-looking logo at an affordable logo design price in Bangkok.
  • Graphic Design Service Our Thai designers will work with you closely and create visually stunning graphic designs in Bangkok.
  • Google Advertising Service We target and monitor each campaign well to reach your ideal customers on Google, YouTube and Google's partner websites.