Fast and secure web hosting in Thailand (affordable yet reliable)

Hosting in Thailand plays an important role. Your web hosting in Thailand should be fast and reliable.

Slow hosting makes your website slow. You would be patient to see your website, but your customers won’t.

Therefore, a mistake in choosing a hosting provider can harm your business all along.

Fast and secure hosting in Thailand

Don’t expect a successful website without good hosting in Thailand

If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, you are already losing customers. People are busy and short on time. So, don’t expect them to wait.

It's even worse if your website goes down frequently. You won’t get any customers from your website then. That is why you can’t expect a successful website without a fast and reliable hosting provider.

Furthermore, Google is also rewarding fast sites and ranking them higher in its search results.

Google rewards fast sites


When it comes to speed and uptime, hosting plays the most critical role because it is where you put your website files and serve the website from.

Therefore, even if you are a top-notch web developer in Bangkok or have hired the best web designer in Thailand, your website will still be slow if your hosting is bad.

That is why you need to be careful when buying hosting for your website. But worry not! Here are three important tips to consider when choosing the best web hosting in Thailand.

3 main factors to identify the best hosting company in Thailand

In fact, there are several factors to consider when selecting the best hosting for your website in Bangkok, Thailand. But we will make it easy for you by breaking it down into only 3.



Yes, I know we have been talking about it since the start, but there is more. Performance optimization in hosting is the hardest and most expensive of all.

The server must be using the best storage, such as solid-state drives (SSDs) or NVMe (nonvolatile memory express). The network speed must be the fastest. And so on.

So basically, if web hosting is fast, you can also expect it to be reliable, secure, and scalable. Because it means they already have great technicians, and they care to be the best hosting provider in Thailand.

We provide the fastest hosting in Bangkok that can be used across Thailand. We have several proficient hosting technicians, and we aim to be the best hosting provider in Thailand.


Customer support

Hosting support is critical because when something goes wrong and you don’t know how to fix it, hosting support is the one to fix it for you.

We provide on-the-spot support, and you can contact us through different channels, such as phone calls, emails, live chat, and social media platforms.

You can contact us at any time, and our official 24/7 customer support is on the way.Untitled design 1 e1699874660122



Backup and recovery

Bad things happen! Secure hosting is not enough because websites can be hacked for several other reasons, including password leaks and poorly written code.

When it happens, backups are the true saviors. If your hosting doesn’t provide backup and recovery services or is not free, migrate to us as soon as possible.

We provide free backup and recovery services for all of our hosting users. We have configured daily, weekly, and monthly automated backups, and we retain all three versions at any given time. Furthermore, on-demand backups can be requested at any time, and we are happy to help.

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You should consider the pricing at the very least. Please keep in mind that your website and data are more important, and saving some extra money won’t get you rich. Therefore, you should compare prices if the other factors are the same.

That being said, our hosting in Bangkok is not expensive. We aim to deliver fast and reliable Thai hosting that is as affordable as possible.


The most popular hosting types in Thailand

hosting type

Hosting can be used for several purposes, including hosting websites, hosting webmail, and real-time data hosting and delivery. Here are most popular hosting types in Thailand and their use cases


Multi-purpose hosting (also known as shared hosting)


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Shared hosting is usually a large hosting that is shared among several customers with a well-configured firewall and permissions.

Shared hosting in Thailand is very common, and it can be used for multiple purposes, including websites, webmail, and small web applications.

The resources of the shared hosting, such as CPU and RAM, are also shared across several customers, and maximum resource availability is also limited. Therefore, your website can be slower during peak traffic.


Dedicated servers

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A dedicated server is a whole server machine dedicated to a customer. The resources on the server are for a single customer and are not shared with anyone. Therefore, they are performant but quite expensive. They are used for real-time and resource-intensive websites. Dedicated servers in Thailand are the least popular of all types.


VPS Hosting

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A virtual private server (VPS) is a combination of both shared hosting and dedicated servers, taking advantage of both. Like the name suggests, they are virtual servers built on the server machine.

The resources of the server are allocated to each virtual server using software and are not shared with anyone. Therefore, you get the resource you want while you don’t pay for the whole server machine.

VPS servers in Thailand are more popular than dedicated servers due to their performance and affordability. They are the better alternative to use for real-time and performance-intensive websites and are mostly used by web development companies in Thailand.


WordPress Hosting

wordpress e1697018665545

WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system) to date due to it’s flexibility and reliability. Due to its popularity, there are hosting services called WordPress hosting, and they are optimized to run WordPress sites smoothly and securely.

WordPress hosting in Thailand is also popular among other hosting types. Since WordPress is so popular, you don’t really need to buy WordPress hosting just to host a WordPress website. Normal shared hosting can do a similar job, and it is much cheaper.

We provide all hosting types at an affordable price.