A Professional Google Ads Agency in Bangkok That Can Help Your Business Grow in a Short Time

If you have some marketing budget and are looking for the fastest way to grow your website or business, Google Ads is your right choice.

It is challenging to advertise online in Thailand these days. Thai people use different channels for different purposes. It is time-consuming and overwhelming for you to learn about every digital marketing channel.

That is why advertising agencies like us exist in Thailand. We are not only a professional Google Ads agency in Bangkok but also proficient in other digital marketing services such as SEO and Facebook Ads.

Google Ads Services in Thailand

Screenshot of Google search showing what Google ads are and what organic search results are

What is Google Ads?

“Google Ads” (formerly Google AdWords) is the advertising platform owned by Google. You can use it to advertise your brand, services or products across the internet.

Unlike our SEO service, Google Ads is paid advertising and the majority of your budget is paid directly to Google. We only charge you for our part of the work.

Where will your ads appear?

Here are 5 Google Ads placements where you can place your ads online and according to Google, you can choose where you want your ads to be visible.

  1. Advertise on Google search engine result pages (SERP).
  2. Place your ads on popular websites that are partnered with Google, such as Bangkok Posts, The Nation, The Thaiger, Khaosod and so on.
  3. Display your products directly on SERP and Google Shopping, known as “Google Shopping Ads.”
  4. Advertise on YouTube and Google-partnered video websites, known as video ads.
  5. And lastly, Google App Ads, which display your ads on popular mobile apps, are partnered with Google Ads.

Benefits of Advertising on Google in Thailand

Unlike other digital marketing methods in Thailand, advertising on Google has its own unique benefits that you can only get through Google Ads.

Unique benefits

Unique audience

You can reach different people in Thailand who never or rarely use social media.

Best AI’s assistance

Google is a software-oriented company and they have the best AI in the industry. They utilize AI in Google Ads to optimize your ads for better performance and it understands Thai very well.

Understand a different market

By learning the insights and reports we provide, you can understand a whole new Thai online market. This knowledge can help you in your future decisions about digital advertising in Thailand.

Similar benefits

Increasing brand awareness

If your brand is seen in more than one place, it will gain more trust from people. More trust means more leads and sales.

Driving traffic to your website

You spent days and months preparing your website but it is meaningless without any visitors. With Google Ads, you can send quality people to your website who are likely to be in business with you.

Generating leads and sales

Or you can just bring people to your money page and generate leads, which can then be converted into sales.

Improving ROI for your marketing campaigns

It is always a good idea to place your ads where people are watching. Google has a big ad ecosystem and the audience across the ecosystem is enormous. And with our attention to details, you can increase your return on investment (ROI) in a short time.

Our Process: 5 Steps of Our Google Ads Services in Thailand

Here are the five phases in our Google Ads service procedure that we perform after consulting with you. The procedure is managed by highly skilled digital marketers in Bangkok.

Competitors, Keywords and Your Website Research

When research is done right, nothing can go wrong along the way. We do the following research upfront to ensure maximum benefit for you:.

  • Website Research We will analyze your business website, identify the issues and note down the opportunities. Because we are web design professionals, we can do all of that seamlessly.
  • Competitors Research We also analyze your competitors’ ads and websites in Thailand so that we can outsmart their ads for you and attract more leads.
  • Keyword Research We look for more keyword ideas and choose the most relevant ones, which we use later to boost your ad impression.

Google Ads Keyword Research with Keyword Planner

Plan Your Google Ads Strategy With Us?

Why Choose Us?

While we guarantee all benefits of Google Ads we mentioned, there are some benefits that we can guarantee for you if you work with us. Furthermore, with Google Ads, we can guarantee some SEO benefits because both the Google Ads and search engine optimization are similar in nature.

google ads why choose us
  • Affordable price
  • 8+ years of Google Ads experience
  • 99% client satisfaction rate
  • Data-centric approach:
    • We gather as much information as possible before starting any
      work, which allows us to work with high precision.
    • We analyze and learn continuously while we monitor your
    • We will send you data-rich reports, insights and suggestions
      after finishing the campaign.
  • Conversion focus service: We optimize your website, campaign and ad
    copy all with a higher conversion rate in mind and the outcomes are amazing.