Affordable Google Ads Packages and Pricing in Thailand

Explore our Google Ads packages and pricing options designed specifically for the Thai market.

Whether you're looking to get more website traffic, generate leads, or boost sales, our Google Ads services in Thailand can help you reach your target audience exactly when they're searching for what you offer.

For any questions you may have, please visit our Google Ads FAQ page.

Stater Growth Boost
Ad Text Copywriting
Banner Ad Artwork 2 3
Conversion Tracking
Google Search Ads
Banner Display Ads
Performance Max
Discovery Ads (YouTube, Gmail, Discovery)
Smart Ads
App Universal
Google Tag Manager
Progress Report Monthly Semi Monthly Weekly
Create & Optimize Landing Page THB 2,800 (Add-on) THB 2,800 (Add-on) Free
Google Budget
Setup Fee and Management Cost

Our Google Ads packages include

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Report
  • Google Analytics
  • Monthly Traffic  Report

Add-on Service

  • Banner Ad Artwork = 1,500 THB / Design

Terms Clarifications

  • Google Budget: The amount of money we are willing to spend on your Google Ads campaign.
  • Ads Text Copywriting: The process of creating compelling and informative text for your search and display ads.
  • Banner Ads Artwork: The visual design (image) of your display ads.
  • PPC Management: The process of planning, launching, monitoring, and optimizing your Google Ads campaigns.
  • Conversion Tracking: Setting up tools to measure how effective your ads are at driving desired actions (e.g., sales, signups, app install).
  • Search Ads: Show up in search results when people look for stuff (e.g., "best running shoes").
  • Display Ads: Colorful ads you see on websites (banners). Builds brand awareness.
  • Smart Ads: Google automates your ad campaign across different formats (search, display) based on your goals.
  • Discovery Ads: Appealing visual ads on places like YouTube and Gmail to grab attention.
  • Performance Max: Uses machine learning to show your ads across all Google channels (search, display, YouTube) for maximum reach.
  • App Universal Ads: Promote your app across various platforms (search, app store) to get more installs.
  • Google Tag Manager: This allows us to manage and deploy multiple marketing tags and tracking codes on your website easily.
  • Remarketing: Shows ads to people who already visited your site.
  • Landing Page: The web page people see after clicking your ad (make it super relevant to your ad).