The Free Character Counter, Word Counter and SEO Title Tool

This tool is the best text analysis tool on the internet because it contains a character counter, a word counter and an SEO title tool all in one and all of them are free forever.

Word Density

The default free word counter/character counter tool

The free word counter or character counter tool can assist you in analyzing your written content. As soon as you put your text in, the tool will report you with

  1. Total characters count
  2. Total words
  3. Total sentences
  4. The number of total paragraphs
  5. Number of spaces in your content
  6. and total characters without spaces

These reports are really useful if you are writing an essay or a cover letter to apply jobs in Bangkok that require a specific number of words.

The SEO text analysis tool

If you are an SEO expert and you provide SEO services to your clients, the tool can help you more by providing a word density analysis report. This report will tell you the total occurrences of 1-word phrases, 2-word phrases and 3-word phrases. You can then fine-tune keyword repetitions and optimize your content for search engines.

Overall, this tool empowers you to create compelling essays, cover letters for jobs, SEO-friendly titles and content effortlessly.

The SEO title tool

This is important because SEO can increase sales for businesses online.

What brings this tool to the next level is the "SEO Title Mode." When you enable this mode, the tools assume that you are writing the perfect SEO title for your web page.

Write your titles line by line and the SEO title tool will show you the following report for each title.

  • Total and recommended character count for Google search
  • Total width of the title and recommended width in pixels

Because power words such as "top, best, super, awesome, amazing, ultimate, exclusive, unbeatable, incredible" and numbers make your titles more appealing and increase the click-through rate (CTR), the SEO tool will also report you:

  • Whether your title contains power words or not
  • Whether it contains a number or not

After finishing up, just click the "Title Case" button and it will convert your text into title case and copy it to your clipboard. Title case performs best in search engine result pages (SERP).

Feature descriptions

  • Character Counter:This feature reports the total number of characters in your content, including spaces and punctuation.
  • Word Counter:This feature calculates the total number of words in your content.
  • Sentence Counter:This reports the total number of sentences based on punctuation marks, so that you can adjust readability and your content structure.
  • Paragraph Counter:This feature counts the paragraphs separated by empty lines and reports the total number.
  • Word density analysis:Reports word occurrences by excluding common stop-words and particles.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Mode:Enabling this mode will transform the tool into an "SEO Title Validator." It provides you with the length, the presence and absence of power words, and numbers in your SEO titles.
  • Title Case Conversion:You can convert your titles to title-case format. It capitalizes the first letter of each word while skipping conjunctions. This feature is useful for creating engaging titles and headings while maintaining the proper formatting.
  • Copy Functionality:Copy your converted text or SEO titles to the clipboard.