Facebook Marketing: The most profitable digital marketing strategy in Thailand

As of 2023, Facebook marketing is the most effective digital marketing strategy in Thailand.

If you also want to advertise on Facebook and are looking for the best Facebook marketing company in Bangkok, you have come to the right place.

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How Facebook Marketing Can Boost Your Business in Bangkok

If we had to pick the most effective digital marketing strategy for you, we would pick Facebook marketing. Thai people love using Facebook and spend most of their time there.

But just running Facebook ads without strategy will cost you and won’t take you anywhere. You must create the best ads to get maximum sales. To create the best facebook advertisement in Bangkok, you will need

  • professional graphic design or video animation
  • the best ad copy (script)
  • and the best digital marketing knowledge and experiences


How Facebook Marketing Can Boost Your Business in Bangkok

Even if you can do all of them on your own, it still requires your precious time. And you will also be distracted from other business growth opportunities.

This is why you need to outsource the task of running Facebook ads to professional advertising agency in Bangkok.

Choosing the best digital marketing agency in Thailand can be tricky

There are a lot of Facebook ad agencies in Bangkok and throughout Thailand. A wrong choice can cost you even more and return much less revenue.

But don’t worry; consider these key factors to identify the best Facebook marketing company in Thailand.

  • Expertise: As stated in the previous section, the Facebook marketing agency must be able to create appealing Facebook ad designs, videos, and copy (script). Furthermore, they must know how digital marketing in Thailand works
  • Experience: Knowledge is good, but experience is better! Your digital agency in Thailand should have strong portfolio and client testimonials
  • Quality of service: Assess their customer service, marketing strategies, service inclusiveness, and Facebook marketing packages and pricing.

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Why choose us, the Digital Agency Bangkok Co., Ltd. (DAB)?

What we have been talking about is just the surface of what we can do. We would love to discuss our online marketing strategies with you in further detail.

We are not only proficient in Facebook advertising but also in Google advertising, search engine optimization, and website development. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will receive the best-performing online marketing campaigns if you work with us.

We have a well-tested work flow and a strong quality assurance process to ensure a successful ad campaign and maximize conversion. So, why not give us a try?

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the top social media platform in Thailand?

According to Statista, Facebook was the top social media platform in Thailand in 2023.

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What are the top 3 social media platforms in Thailand?

Facebook, YouTube, and LINE, respectively. Therefore, you should also do YouTube ads and LINE ad campaigns.


How much does it cost to run Facebook ads in Thailand?

The cost of Facebook ads in Thailand depends on several factors. Our Facebook marketing packages in Bangkok start at 10,000 Baht.