10 Most Popular TikTokers in 2024 (Worldwide)

Khaby Lame TikToker e1719042193434

Khaby Lame

The reigning king of TikTok, this Senegalese-born comedian is known for his hilarious silent skits mocking overly complicated life hacks.

Username: @khaby.lame
Followers: 162.1 million
Content: Comedy skits (silent)
Notable for: Hilarious parodies of overly complicated life hacks.

Khaby Lame’s Latest TikTok Videos

Charli DAmelio TikToker

Charli D'Amelio

Still a major force, Charli's fame exploded with her dance routines and lip-sync videos.

Username: @charlidamelio
Followers: 154.2 million
Content: Dance, lifestyle, and behind-the-scenes vlogs.
Notable for: Being one of the original TikTok superstars, Charli continues to dominate with her dance routines and collaborations.

Charli D’Amelio’s Latest TikTok Videos

Bella Poarch TikToker

Bella Poarch

Username: @bellapoarch
Followers: 94.1 million
Content: Music videos, comedy skits
Notable for: Her viral "M to the B" video launched her to stardom, and she continues to captivate with creative content.

Bella Poarch’s Latest TikTok Videos

MrBeast TikToker


Username: @mrbeast
Followers: 95.2 million
Content: Stunts, challenges, and giveaways
Notable for: Outrageous stunts and expensive giveaways that entertain millions.

MrBeast’s Latest TikTok Videos

Addison Rae TikToker

Addison Rae

Another dance phenomenon, Addison has transitioned into acting and music, but her TikTok roots remain strong.

Username: @addisonre
Followers: 88.8 million
Content: Dance, lifestyle, beauty
Notable for: Another dance phenomenon who has transitioned into acting and music.

Addison Rae’s Latest TikTok Videos

Zach King TikToker

Zach King

Username: @zachking
Followers: 82.1 million
Content: Magic tricks, illusions, special effects
Notable for: The magician of TikTok, Zach King amazes viewers with his mind-bending skills.

Zach King’s Latest TikTok Videos

Kimberly Loaiza TikToker

Kimberly Loaiza

Username: @kimberly.loaiza
Followers: 81.1 million
Content: Music, comedy skits, family life
Notable for: A popular Mexican singer and influencer who keeps her audience engaged with a variety of content.

Kimberly Loaiza’s Latest TikTok Videos

Burak Ozdemir Cznburak TikToker

Burak Ozdemir (Cznburak)

Username: @cznburak
Followers: 75.1 million
Content: Food creations, recipes
Notable for: This Turkish chef is famous for his elaborate and visually stunning food creations.

Cznburak’s Latest TikTok Videos

The Rock Actor and TikToker

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Username: @therock
Followers: 74.4 million
Content: Comedy skits, motivational messages
Notable for: The Rock's charisma and humor translate perfectly to TikTok.

The Rock’s Latest TikTok Videos

Will Smith TikToker Actor

Will Smith

Will Smith's playful and down-to-earth personality shines through on TikTok, making him a relatable and entertaining follower.

Username: @willsmith
Followers: 73.9 million
Content: Comedy skits, challenges, pranks
Notable for: Will Smith's playful personality shines through, making him a relatable and entertaining follow.

Will Smith’s Latest TikTok Videos